Our life in GA as we go from a family of five to a family of six!

Finally – An Update!

Time for an update!  I can’t believe it’s been almost three months since I posted!

I’m feeling so much better since Anna was born. I felt horrible through most of the pregnancy and I was really starting to wonder if I’d ever feel good again. Now I’m back to doing everything I did before and am so relieved that I have energy and actually feel good.

Carter's 40th birthday!

Earlier this summer

Anna’s almost 3 months old and doing great… she’s such an easy baby. Naps nicely, eats like a little piglet, and smiles and “talks” to everyone (and everyTHING). The older kids love her and don’t seem to be at all jealous. They seem to be old enough to understand that yeah, babies are cute and need a lot of attention, but she loves them and we have enough love for everyone!

Hi, Mama!

About 2 1/2 months old

Garrett is almost 7 and has a little engineer’s mind. Loves math and money and building things. He’ll sit down with illustrated directions and legos or K’Nex and spend HOURS trying to figure them out. He brings them to me if he runs into a problem and I can’t help him because my mind doesn’t work that way at all…he’ll take it back and eventually figure it out! He’s fun and sweet but terribly competitive…. he has to be the winner, in first place, the best, etc. at everything and thinks he is, even when he’s not. Cute and frustrating now, but won’t be at all cute when he’s older. So that’s our main “project” with him! He likes school for the most part, but quite often has better things to do than school, so some days are a bit more interesting than others.

Grandpa and his boy

After helping Daddy refinish the park bench

Emma is a bit of a challenge…. sweet and helpful when she wants to be, and generally miserable when things don’t go her way. I think a lot of it is “Middle Child Syndrome” and being intentional about spending one-on-one time with her does seem to help. I tell her quite often, that if she’ll use her determination and tenacity for good, she could change the world. I pray she’ll realize that it’s better to do the right thing. She loves to swim, and if we had time and money, I’d definitely get her into a swim team because I think she’d love it and be very good at it. She also loves to draw and “design” clothes. She’s doing much better with school this year (it’s not the battle it was last year, thank goodness!), and enjoys spelling and science.

School's not SO bad!

Big sister!

Cassandra is  my helper, with kitchen stuff and baby stuff. One day she decided that Anna wasn’t going to explode or break and since then, she likes to get her dressed and change her diapers and tote her around if I can’t. Sometimes she is a bit too helpful (like going and getting her when she’s fussing… right after I laid her down for a nap… oh, well….).

A few of her favorite things

Even though it's math... she can still find a smile!

She wants to babysit to earn extra money, so she does “supervised babysitting” every chance she gets. She’s babysitting a two year old in our home group that meets 2 Sundays a month, and will get paid for that. Since most of the kids in the group are in the 6-10 year range and are supervised by two babysitters during that time, the 2 year old really needs a dedicated person to help him participate and to keep him occupied when he isn’t interested or can’t do something everyone else does. She plans to take a Red Cross babysitting course next summer.

And that’s our family update in a nutshell!  Hoping to post more often now….



Comments on: "Finally – An Update!" (2)

  1. When you have a new one, time does seem to fly by very quickly! I keep looking at Little Man and find it so very hard to believe he is 7 months old now.
    Love the pictures! Anna is getting so big.

  2. How beautiful they all are! So glad everyone is doing good there and that all is well. I know you are so glad to have the girls help out with everything. I hope you have a great week.
    Many Blessing,
    Cary Ann

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