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Baby Shower!

My sweet friends from church threw a baby shower for us on Tuesday….


Lovely Gifts

Anna's Friend.... Kaitlyn, 6 months old


Closet dividers

Kaitlyn and Cassandra

Practicing with a Little One

Barb (hostess) and Stephanie

Friends and Fun

Our BIG gift!

MOMMY! They got us the stroller!!!!!

All the Lovely Gifts!

Since Kaitlyn didn't like it, Beth gave us her brand new swing, too!


My First Baby 🙂

My "Older Girls"

Mama and Anna


Knitted Items for Anna

One thing I seem to always have energy for is knitting.  🙂

I’ve discovered the fun of knitting soakers (wool diaper covers) and legwarmers.

Three of my favorites.  The first two are the same pattern  (Snapdragon Soaker) with different shaping and leg finishing, and the last is a wrap style.  Without a baby to try them on yet, I don’t know which will actually WORK the best, but it’s been fun knitting anyway.

Then of course, someone told me how convenient leg warmers are when you use cloth diapers (no soaking through to tights and having to change the whole pair of tights!), so I had to knit a pair and see.  They’re the same length, even though one looks longer.  It’s trick photography.  😉  And I knitted a (typical) single sock…. second sock is on my list of things to do.

I really need Anna to arrive.  It’s like waiting for a package in the mail…. except WORSE!!!  Three more weeks!

Coming Soon!

As of July 1, 2011, this will be our new blog!  I wanted to start a new one when Anna arrives, partly because I think I’ll need to start over with the number of pictures I can upload!  For now, I’m still using the old blog at

At Home In Georgia

Thanks for stopping by… and we’ll see you in July!



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